I like AWS (Amazon Web Services) in many ways, though I moved towards Google Compute as a personal preference. They are the leaders in IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) there is no doubt about that.

Does being the leader make you the best? No, it often means you were first to market. I your IaaS Service comes down to what you need in terms of budget and developers preference. So here's the scam, or at best misleading dishonesty in my book.

AWS Delete's Everything

Of course, we should pay our bills, granted I was a few months late due to financial difficulty which is a massive understatement. If you are late several months, whether it be for $1.00 USD several times – yes that is a dollar you risk losing all the Glacier Archives and everything you ever setup.

Hopefully, this doesn't happen to you, it is pretty bad to lose archives I kept of my daughter in Amazon Glacier now it's brought to nothing. My external hard drive has quite a bit yet not all as it's a lot of data.

Repaying Your Late Fees To Re-instate

Amazon is so generous, or so I thought. The landing area for any service will lock you out of all things. That is, except for the billing. With notice on site of besides - "Once you pay your overdue amount, your account will be reinstated".

Paragraph two clearly stately you may use the payment page to reactivate your account. I was dumb enough to believe this to be true without digging around for the fine print somewhere in the zoo of Amazon Logins, Services, Documentation, and so forth.

So I paid all late fee's hoping to get my account re-instated.

Nothing Changed, Let's check Tech Support.

I can see where they are coming from, I am not a victim as I opted into their service. I still think their motto of "Customer First" continues to evade me, even if I am not completely right. This is only one case that upsets me due to what I lost.

I know this is also my responsibility but God forbid you must go through a long term crisis (even a few months) and they'll gladly remove you.

Banned from Commenting/Reviews

I'll add this in too. To this date I am clueless as to why I am no longer allowed to leave reviews on Amazon, I am officially banned from Amazon Reviews. I don't know how that's even possible considering I've left somewhere over 300 reviews over a course of seven years. My best guess is I possibly left maybe one unpleasant review a owner didn't like. That's all I can guess.

I tried to resolve this through customer service on several occasions. They refuse every time provide any information as to why I am banned, not even what I did or said!

Of course, this is not a very big deal I just don't understand. So Amazon, you are a weird company with very some stealthy practices, I wish you were more transparent than trying to blind everyone with joy having two day shipping.

Moral of the Story

Amazon/AWS is nothing more than a business, like any other they are not your friend. That's silly to expect, the reason I shared this is because I found it misleading. To any other person in a hurry, and the average joe not in the mood to dig around for articles and rules this is what we see.

Amazon took the money (Fair, since I used their service very passively – not an EC2 instance in sight, only storage at the cheapest) without hesitation and after that fact they let me know that they could care less and told me to create a new account. Sorry, that's not what I needed!

Concluding this it may seem small to most, but I used it for the wrong reasons which was to store long-term memories once by 4 TB physical backup drive filled! I Missed a few very minor payments (due to extreme life issues irrelevant to anyone nor Amazon, I blame none for this of course). I lost perhaps 200-400 GB or more of media/video for my daughter as a baby until 4 years old, ouch.

I was a customer for 8 years, possibly more and today I'm finished – including Amazon.com because I am stubborn and this hurts. I'm not suggesting people stop using Amazon because of my few reasons, I'm just making aware that dumb stuff happens and nobody says a whole lot.