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Jetbrains Toolbox 17.10 Ubuntu Fix →

Posted in Productivity on Oct 22, 2017

The JetBrains ToolBox in Ubuntu 17.10 displays a blank page because of the Chromium Extension looping an error. This will quickly show you how to create a custom launcher and pass a variable to fix it. It's a temporary work-around until they fix it permanently.

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Fabric for Quick and Lazy Deployments →

Posted in Productivity, Programming on Oct 16, 2017

Fabric can save you a lot of time and help you think less. I've provided a basic example of a Git deployment to your server without exposing any security credentials in your fabfile.

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Windows Super Administrator Account →

Posted in General on Sep 28, 2017

Fix that Windows Permission Folder/Drive. Also, find out how to enable the hidden Microsoft Administrator Account for Super Powers to do some things your Administrator user cannot do. Use this when you are in desperate need of the highest permissions possible.

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Phalcon Framework DI Tips →

Posted in Programming on Sep 24, 2017

Some Tips using the Dependency Injector in Phalcon 3.2. Phalcon is a PHP Framework, the fastest one and it's served me quite well over the years. Here are a few DI tips and a few general "white page" tips when using Apache.

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Python 3 Qt5 Setup Part 1 →

Posted in Programming on Sep 10, 2017

I'll teach you to setup Qt in Linux. Qt ("Cute") is a long-term project made by Nokia for cross-platform GUI applications. Many companies use it such as Jetbrains, Spotify, Adobe and many others for various things.

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Linux VSCode Icon Fix →

Posted in Programming on Sep 09, 2017

Sometimes, not always, the great code editor Visual Studio Code has an icon problem displaying once installed on Linux. This is easy to fix all the time, every time, here's how.

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JREAM's Hardware and Software →

Posted in General on Sep 08, 2017

This is a list of my hardware I use daily which is a Desktop and a Laptop. I also added a list of software I use the most for the purpose of sharing with any developers!

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Java Beginner Part 1 →

Posted in Programming on Sep 05, 2017

If you have ever tried out Java and became fearful, relax. It's actually a bit similar to some of PHP 7.1 features, only a bit more strict. Here are a few beginner tips (part 1) that will help you get start. If you are not at all familiar with OOP, Java will be a heavy learning curve.

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PHP Composition Over Inheritance →

Posted in Programming on Aug 30, 2017

You may have heard the says: _"Favor composition over inheritance"_, why? It gives us more flexibility, much more. Yet, the implementation can vary. I'll provide several basic examples while slowly improving the code. First, we have an example of Composition over inheritance with Concrete Classes being constructed within the main class. These classes are set in stone in main class. This seems alright, but it defeats the purpose of `Loose Coupling`.

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Javascript and ECMA Versions →

Posted in Programming on Jun 13, 2017

Lots of Confusion around ECMA, hopefully this helps a tad. It's still JavaScript, the difference is that it has newer features and people use a transpiler to format it to today's web browsers.

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