I love learning things, I do myself the service of learning new things all the time. Lately it's been a few months of wood-working and a bit of electrical. I'm not sure how deep I'll go, but I like to take notes and organize it as I break it down.

Symbol Name Description
A Amps/Amerage How Fast an electrical Current is traveling
V Volts/Voltage Electromotive Force of One Amp w/One Ohm Resistance
W Watts/Wattage Joules per Second
Ω Ohm Resistance from a Voltage Current
mA Milli-Ampts
AC Alternating Current Electrons flow back and forth (Houses). Safer for long distances with more power.
DC ⎓ Direct Current Electrons flow in one direction (Batteries). Loses energy as it travels.
φ Degree Difference Between Current and Voltage
P Active/Real Power
Hz Hertz Cycles per Second