What is the Lab?

A storage facility containing remnants of code written for your convenience. All other open-source code can be found at:

The code below is not maintained and it's fairly old. However, it can be useful for beginners to learn and practice. Those were done as learning examples with video links to go along with them.

If you have any issues with the code you must solve your own bugs!

Create your own MVC

The MVC series was an introduction for writing your own Model, View, Controller in PHP. It was to teach you to use a re-usable code structure. The goal of this series was to exercise ones mind to think in an object oriented fashion. Please realize this is not a real project, rather, it is a barebones application for learning.

Game Framework

The Game Framework is an exercise using a few Design Patterns. This is intended for beginners. This is not meant to create an actual game. Instead, it's was to teach you to think in objects rather than procedural programming.