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Fresh Start HTML & CSS

Fresh Start HTML & CSS


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Fresh Start HTML & CSS Overview

Learn the foundational skills to start working with the web.

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Course Content

Section 1

1.1 Why Learn Preview
1.2 Setup Enviroment Preview
2.1 Html Syntax Preview
1.2 Setup Environment
1.3 How Html Css Work Together

Section 2

2.2 Html Text
2.3 Html Grouping
2.4 Html Tables
2.5 Html Forms
2.6 Dom

Section 3

3.1 Css Syntax
3.2 Avoid Inline
3.3 Ids Classes
3.4 Block And Inline Elements

Section 4

4.1 Fixed Layout
4.2 Liquid Layout

Section 5

5.1 Css Selectors
5.2 Pseudo Selectors
5.3 Sizing Units
5.4 Dimensions
5.5 Font Stacks

Section 6

6.1 Profile Structure
6.2 Css Preparation
6.3 Css Enhancements

Section 7

7.1 Bootstrap Overview
7.2 Bootstrap Setup

Section 8

8.1 Summary

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