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Phalcon PHP


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Phalcon PHP Overview

In this course I will teach you from the ground floor how to build an application in PHP's fastest full-scale framework; PhalconPHP. Controllers, Views, Routes, Templates, Models/Relationships/ORM; All covered.

Each section is broken down for you to follow along with and write code as I do. After learning as you go, we'll create a project based on what you've learned.

We will make changes to the Bootstrap through each step in this follow-along series so you know exactly what's going on. This course is geared towards the medium to advanced skilled developer who have a well rounded knowledge of PHP and Object Oriented Design.

This course should take you around 2-3 weeks to complete, but you may need to come back a few times in order to absorb all the material. You should consider taking this course if you are interested in advanced development and bleeding-edge technology that will dominate PHP.

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Course Content



Section 1

1.1 Intro Preview
1.2 Windows Installation
1.3 Linux Installation

Section 2

2.1 Create App Structure
2.2 Create Bootstrap
2.3 Understand Controllers
2.4 Integrating Views

Section 3

3.1 Create Database Schema
3.2 Update Bootstrap For Db
3.3 Model Setup Create Update Select
3.4 Model Delete Data
3.5 Model Events
3.6 Table Model Relationships
3.7 Saving Related Records

Section 4

4.1 Install Apc Linux
4.2 Install Apc Windows
4.3 Caching Meta Data
4.4 Using Sessions
4.5 Request Environment
4.6 Custom Routing

Section 5

5.1 Assets Manager And Bootstrap
5.2 Enable Volt Preview
5.3 Volt Syntax

Section 6

6.1 Application Overhaul
6.2 Acl P1
6.3 Acl P2
6.4 Flashing And Namespaces

Section 7

7.1 Create A Login Area Tied Into The Acl P1
7.2 Create A Login Area Tied Into The Acl P2
7.3 Securing Passwords And Csrf
7.4 User Registration

Section 8

8.1 Config Object
8.2 Custom Components
8.3 Using Composer

Section 9

9.1 Phalcon Vagrant Setup
9.2 Point Apache Setup Barebones
9.3 Migrations
9.4 Scaffolding

Section 10

10.1 Conclusion

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