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PHP Punch in the Face

PHP Punch in the Face


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PHP Punch in the Face Overview

So you don't know PHP but want to? This Learn PHP Online course takes you from a complete newbie to an intermediate programmer. I'll walk you through the language basics and teach you to the most obvious thing you'll want to do: Build a Database Driven Project. This Learn PHP Online course should take no more than 2 weeks to finish.

You should take this PHP For Absolute Beginners course because one language can open the door to opportunity, hobbies, and new languages. Studying programming was one of the best choices I made in life.

Take this ultimate PHP For Absolute Beginners course right now and learn PHP online.

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Course Content

Section 1

1.1 Install Php Preview 4 Resource(s)
1.2 Wamp Windows Preview
1.3 Php Cli Preview
1.4 Chrome Dev Preview
1.5 Ide 1 Resource(s)

Section 2

2.1 Variables
2.2 Types
2.3 Operators
2.4 If Statement
2.5 Switch
2.6 Master Arrays
2.7 Loops
2.8 Get
2.9 Post
2.10 Files
2.11 Practice Form

Section 3

3.1 Function Intro
3.2 Function Args
3.3 Function Returns
3.4 Scope

Section 4

4.1 String Functions 1 Resource(s)
4.2 Array Functions 1 Resource(s)
4.3 Site With Includes

Section 5

5.1 Intro Software 2 Resource(s)
5.2 Db Design
5.3 Db Relationships
5.4 Selecting Data
5.5 Insert Update Delete
5.6 Join Left Join

Section 6

6.1 Pdo Intro 1 Resource(s)
6.2 Prepared Statements 1 Resource(s)

Section 7

7.1 Object Overview
7.2 Objects And Methods
7.3 Object Inheritance
7.4 Object Permissions
7.5 Improving Validator Class
7.6 Static

Section 8

8.1 Build Crud Class
8.2 Design Class Usage
8.3 Adding Insert Ability
8.4 Adding Delete Ability
8.5 Adding Update Ability
8.6 Adding Select Ability
8.7 Class Organization Dry

Section 9

9.1 Setup Userx Project
9.2 Setup Login Form
9.3 Direct Logins Logouts
9.4 Create User Form
9.5 Listing And Deleting Users
9.6 File And Session Messages
9.7 User Types

Section 10

10.b Bonus Lamp Digital Ocean 1 Resource(s)
10.1 Php Frameworks
10.2 Ending Advice 1 Resource(s)

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