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Redis Overview

Redis is a powerful in-memory database. You could liken it to memcached yet with better data type handling. You may find yourself using Redis as a medium to process vast amounts of data.

Other examples may be using Redis for real-time chat logging, scoreboards, or simply a powerful caching engine.

This series is simple, we go through the Data Type and Commands, and you follow by example. We'll also integrate a PHP and Python client to show how easy it is to use as an abstracted adapter in two popular languages.

It's highly encouraged you use SSH or Linux to use the Redis CLI. The Windows binary works but it can be a bit unstable.

This course will guide you through the commands (Not every single one), but it will get you started so that it makes sense.

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Course Content

Section 1

1.1 Intro Preview
1.2 Install Preview
1.3 Config Glance
1.4 System Basics

Section 2

2.1 String
2.2 More String Options

Section 3

3.1 Php Client
3.2 Hashes
3.3 Lists

Section 4

4.1 Python Redis
4.2 Sets
4.3 Sorted Sets

Section 5

5.1 Hyperloglog
5.2 Pubsub

Section 6

6.1 Transactions
6.2 Connection Commands

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