Development Services

Development Services

Jesse has been developing in a variety of environments for over a decade. Be it by himself, or teams ranging from small to large. He's worked on a handful of freelance projects, at startups and corporate environments. He generally works solo, yet has a small local team when needed.

  • Complete Projects
    • Django Development (Recommended)
    • PHP Development
  • Partial Projects
    • Develop or Improve Features
    • PHP Frameworks and Modules
    • Django Applications
    • CLI Scripts
  • DevOps
    • Server Configuration(s) (Included in Projects)
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Deployments
    • Database Design
  • Optional
    • Unit Testing and Code Coverage (Python/PHP)
    • Front-End Development / Build Tools (NodeJS + Gulp)
    • Deployment Tools: Flask, Git Hook, CI, etc.
Recommended Service

The most beneficial development for clients is a Django Project due it's simplicity, speed of development, and comprehensive libraries.

What does this mean to you? It simply means that you will end up with the same end result only with a different framework.


Hiring professional developer(s) is much more cost effective than using a large firm to do the same exact work. It also benefits you in terms of code quality, and robustness that can be relied upon over an uncles relative that does this as a hobby. Most of this code people don't see on the server, yet it prevents you from having to re-hire someone to fix code that doesn't not follow any design philosophies or patterns.

Partial Projects are given an up front quote, based off an hourly rate of $50/hr.

Full Projects are estimated based on the complexity and total amount of time needed. A typical project ranges from $2000 - $5000. Cost can go up if the timeframe is shortened, complexity, and/or features needed increase.

Project Management

You will be setup with a project management questionnaire with all aspects asking you what you'd like to accomplish. There will be a back-end login which will handle everything, you don't need to worry about paper work. We move from that point to settle on and agreement and timeframe.

Every project works in milestones. The larger the project the more milestones. A milestone is where JREAM delivers the agreed upon completed work, and a payment is made. This keeps cost down and confindence up.


The preferred way of communication is through Skype. This allows us to share screen easily and keep in contact. Other options include Google Hangouts, Appear.In, The Project Manager, Phone, and Email.

If you are interested in consultation services contact with your inquiry. Availability is subject to calendar date/times based on EST time.

Contact JREAM

If you are interested or have questions on a project, please provide any necessary information below.