Whether you are a cheapskate like I am or need to save money in general, this is a handy trick you can use often.

Buy a Gift Card

If you know where you'll buy something, buy a gift card online (or have one mailed to you). I suggest buying from a trusted vendor such as Raise.com or many others you can search for.

The entire purpose is to buy your gift card with a nice percentage knocked off, never pay full price! The availability of a given card varies throughout the year.

Use During Sale or Clearance

Once you have a gift card it's wise to buy during a sale or buy only clearance items.

For example, I bought a gift card that was 10% off of $100. That means I paid $90 for this gift card.

I went to the Old Navy website for some pants. There was a 50% sale going on, which would make my total come out to 60% off considering what I paid for the gift card.

I also grabbed some clearance items at 70% off which made a nice $20 pair of pants cost $4. Remember that I'm using the 10% gift card so it's 80% off in total.

Student Email

This is perhaps unethical to some but I'll happily share it. I suppose you could justify it by realizing the billion-dollar company Amazon pays $0 in taxes, yet you do.

So if you are a college student you are set. If you would like to become a pretend student you can with an email. Head over to eBay and look for "Edu email". It's very cheap. You will pay anywhere between $1 - $5.

What can you do with a student email? Quite a lot. I won't go into all the technical things but most people might want a free 6 months Amazon Prime using the Edu email purchased. This works in 2020, along with many other sites and stores.

Some places do require more validation, but not as many as one would think. I would not encourage making a fake ID for a discount at all, that would mean you need to find a better way to make money.