This is an overview of JREAM development. This is not a comprehensive list of every update.


  • UI: Adding More Icons
  • UI: Fixing UI Display to look a little better


  • Backend: Cleaning up Code an extra Data.
  • Backend: Fixed Email Sending, Moved to AWS SES.
  • Backend: Had to fix source table causing conflict with Phalcon.


  • Frontend: Working on improving small things with the UI
  • Code: Mainly back-end organization and code cleanup.


  • Servers: Rebuilt and Running new Production Servers, this took a long time.
  • Servers: Deployed two new Development Servers.
  • Servers: Error Logging Improved for bug detection.
  • Payment: Fixed Stripe, using Native Stripe -- There is a bug in Omni-Pay stripe latest.
  • Payment: Fixed, Paypal working due to un-logged Product error (Server logging improved on new OS).
  • UI: Working minor UI changes
  • Courses: Working on a new course possibly titled Ubuntu-ify, 10 videos complete so far.


  • Servers: Dual servers running to prevent outages, host was DDoS'd for 10 days.
  • Packages: Updating packages broke things, Video Streaming is fixed, reverted to previous AWS API.
  • Payment: Currently Down.


  • Added: Notification footer incase of any known issues.
  • Updated: Fixing Facebook SDK Problems. This took a while!
  • Updated Privacy: The Facebook API no longer allows username so rather than use your full-name display it will be first_name+last_initial.
  • Updated: Facebook SDK Update

  • Fixed: Broken Template Include
  • Fixed: Broken Product Page with new Facebook SDK



  • Course: Working on Django course, about 5 hours of content or more is complete. It's a big one!
  • Update: FlowPlayer is now version 6.
  • GUI: The skin for Flowplayer was changed from minimalist to something a tiny bit more interesting. Moved off the S3 onto server to fix button display issues.
  • Server: Minor Server Cleanup :)


  • Preparing: Live Sessions Beta Launch Soon
  • Added: Consulting Service
  • Internal: Re-organized include structure


  • Downtime: 20 minutes downtime at 2:30pm EST
  • Fixed: Was missing Phalcon Incubator Depdencies which were only in composers dev-requirements, rather than requirements. Redis wasn't caching with a missing Class.


  • GUI: Updates has been removed from Dashboard and added to the footer
  • Feature: Promotional Code Offers are in development


  • GUI: Many minor Display Changes, SASS Minification.
  • Feature: YouTube Video section added for free videos.


  • Login: Implementing Google+, currently in debug mode.
  • Email: Implementing a simple system internally to send updates.
  • Course: Still working on Django course, it's a lot of work :)


  • Flat Logo used, Collapsed icon only.
  • GUI Changes.
  • Course: Working on Django Course and Preparing a Live Course.


  • Happy new years, working on a new Django Course.
  • Downtime: 35 minutes downtime at 2:30AM EST due to the new Facebook API not ready for JREAM.


  • Downtime: 10 minute downtime, had to migrate servers to another region.


  • Re-issued SSL Certificate
  • Removed any POODLE threat
  • Forward Secrecy Supported
  • Qualys SSL Labs Report:
    • Overall Rating: A
    • Certificate: 100
    • Protocol Support: 95
    • Key Exchange: 80
    • Cipher Strength: 90


  • Feature: Flash Fallback Enabled if MP4 is not available
  • Third-Party Bug: Fullscreen Issues with player and MP4 @ https://flowplayer.org/docs/known-issues.html
  • Mobile: Still working with WebM Format, there is not an RTP for V-8 codecs on AWS. Looking into HTTPS Streaming.


  • Mobile: Working towards Mobile Streaming in WebM format, content took 2 days to convert. Still have difficulty with RTMP and WebM Signed URLs.


  • Feature: Working on a Quiz section.
  • Lacking: Not much time to work on everything from Copywriting, UI, Server, System, Courses.


  • Copywriting: Discover Area Simplified with bullet lists.
  • UI: Adjusted Responsive UI for front-end.
  • UI: Home, Disover, Login, and Register are now more modern.
  • System: Trying out Varnish for Caching.
  • Bugs: Fixed a broken link (Thanks for letting me know)


  • UI: The UI is going through changes slowly. It is being tested before deployment, if however you encounter a bug please email hello[at]jream.com


  • Courses: Published Redis Course
  • Bug: Fixed Sandbox mode in PayPal on Live Environment (missed a variable)
  • OS: Updated OS Distribution
  • Security: Updated Bash Vulnerability "Shellshock"
  • App: Making the App Multi-Module for expansion
  • App: Looking for a better front-end solution


  • Courses: Primarily Developing on the Redis Course.
  • Internal: Refactoring parts of the JREAM Core to reduce duplicated code.
  • Internal: Cleaning the Database of unused sections.
  • Cancelled: Affiliation will not be available due to Tax Reasons and JREAM will never store personal information.


  • UI: Application now utilizes Gulp and Bower.
  • UI: Site design in the works.
  • Copywriting: Building a Discover Area.


  • Course: HTML & CSS Added
  • UI: Site went through overhaul of UI Elements and color changes.


  • Internal: All Login/Register/Password have been moved to a user controller
  • Internal: Sessions had to be reset to apply changes, you may have been logged out once.


  • UI: Font size Increased
  • UI: Working on white space improvements


  • Facebook Login: Your alias/username will automatically update if it's different when you login.


  • UI: There have been many minor responsive improvements.
  • Security: Changing your password now requires you to confirm your previous password incase you left your computer on and someone accessed it.
  • Failsafe: A backup server was setup if and when JREAM gives a non-200 HTTP Response.

  • Development (Forum): A forum is being built to replace the Questions Area.
  • Development (Affiliate): In the works arranging an affiliate system


  • Heartbleed Fix: There was 8 hours downtime to prevent any potential heartbleed problems when it became news.
    • OpenSSL Updated.
    • System Upgraded.
    • Server credentials changed.
    • SSL Certficates were re-issued.
    • No personal information is stored at JREAM, it's on 3rd-party enterprise servers such as Stripe. There is nothing to to leak, but security matters.