Thinkpad Update BIOS on Linux
Thinkpad offers BIOS updates for Windows that are easy to run. We can take advantage of the ISO and create a bootable USB in minutes to upgrade out BIOS.
Customize Ubuntu 20 LTS Desktop
After years of using Ubuntu I still love it and it's my only Operating System. Here are some tricks to customize your Ubuntu OS to your liking - and you can make it look awesome!
Bash Snippets and Aliases
Here's a bunch of bash snippets I've borrowed, written and copied over the years. Some of them are quite handy like managing Apache2 or Nginx with short names and enabling/disabling sites and mods. You mind find a nugget in here useful!
Bash Scripting Basics
Bash scripting is useful for all sorts of reasons. Here I'll cover some basics of bash scripting in the bash shell and hopefully help you understand some of the unseen parts that are interesting. There is copy/paste code to test out in your terminal.
VSCode Great Lesser Known Extensions
These are some lesser-know extensions in VS-Code that I use time to time. These are much different than the standard popular lists you may have seen which have mostly the same content.
Vite: King of Javascript Bundlers
Vite has been a game changer for JavaScript/TypeScript developers. The speed at which it loads and compiles your code is unmatched by any other tool. It's the hottest way to code your JavaScript. You must try it!
TypeScript Quick Booster
Here`s a quick booster to get some practice with TypeScript in. You`ll need NodeJS and a terminal. I'll demonstrate with simple examples what makes TypeScript useful for JavaScript programmers by protecting data integrity for developers.
PHP 8 New Features
Keeping up to date with languages you grew up with matters! I have some PHP 8 Snippets and examples to checkout.